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A letter, a thesis, a book, whatever theme, a web page… Authors always have the same goal: to send a message or provide information. To succeed, the text has to be written correctly and be comprehensive. This is what we offer with our services of Proofreading, which enhances spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage and style correction.

We edit original Spanish texts or texts that have been translated from other languages into Spanish.

*Unless otherwise instructed by the client, we follow the grammar and orthographic rules of the Spanish Royal Academy for Language (Real Academia Española)


We translate into writing the message the client wants to send to the reader. You know what you want to say but you don’t know how to write it down? We do know… Entintaroja will write a document based on images, texts or recordings, or after meetings with the client.


Sometimes, for personal or professional reasons, somebody needs or wants to improve his writing skills. We will see with the client what he needs and design an adapted course for him, including personalized exercises. We offer presential and no presential courses.

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